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#0, This holiday season...
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-26-15 at 03:39 PM
... I'm reminiscing about the one explicitly-Christmas-themed City of... character I had.

Although, that said, Jen Rossum occasionally tried to get into the holiday spirit too.

It's fairly safe to assume that no one in the Rogue Isles really understood the effect she was going for there. :)

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#1, RE: This holiday season...
Posted by Proginoskes on Dec-27-15 at 05:15 PM
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This reminds me of a song about Santa Claus, which had him as a master thief who, once caught, was offered a pardon conditional on his returning every stolen item to the place from which he took it, all in a single night. Not only did he manage it, but he had so much fun doing it that he's broken and entered to give stuff away every year since.

Oh, and it's set to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky.

#2, RE: This holiday season...
Posted by Tabasco on Dec-28-15 at 00:06 AM
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This I've got to hear. Link?

#3, RE: This holiday season...
Posted by Wiregeek on Dec-31-15 at 00:43 AM
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There was a City of Heroes mention in.. Heroes. (Which is just being screened for the first time ever in this house). It actually made the two of us who played CoH get all misty eyed.

Miss that game.