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#0, (TEASER) DS05: Among Honest Hearts
Posted by Gryphon on Oct-27-14 at 11:31 PM
Among Honest Hearts, the fifth and final movement of the OOTR/TLOK-crossover Suite for Avatar and Trinity, is in post-production now and should be along sometime soon. Here is the pre-credits sequence as a teaser.

From here, we head back to the main Order of the Rose arc.

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Xinqiwu, Siyue 16, 291 ASC
Friday, April 16, SY 2410
M/V Mirai
Nanisivik Harbor, Southern Water Tribe, Dìqiú

Korra woke slowly, and for a few moments she wasn't sure not just where but who she was. The problem with falling asleep in the Spirit World was that you woke up back in the physical one, and it was very disorienting, particularly if you had a lot of past lives you were in regular touch with. She lay for a few moments half-dreaming in an antiquated dialect of Kokugo, until she finished waking the rest of the way up and remembered that she was not, in fact, the Fire Nation Avatar before Roku.

She turned over, opening her eyes, and found to her momentary surprise that she was on the futon in the solarium. It was still dark outside (not a big surprise; at this time of year, the South Pole lost half an hour or so of daylight a day, so they were down to no more than about four hours now), but enough light was seeping through the room's tinted windows from Nanisivik's nightglow to make it clear where she was. She could make out the blinkenlights on the DesignDesk core across the room, glowing a dull red in sleep mode, and the shadowy shapes of the desks and chairs over in the "design office".

Yawning, she sat up, the covers pooling around her waist, and composed herself for her morning meditation. It felt a little weird to be doing that in the dark; though born and raised in the South Pole, she'd spent a lot of her life at lower latitudes. A little smile came to her lips as she remembered the night before - the epic conversation she'd had with Katara, until the lateness of the hour and the warm sunlight of the Spirit World beach had at last lulled her to sleep in her lounge chair. Back in the physical world, her body must have crawled under the covers on autopilot, because she didn't remember returning at all before nodding off.

Fifteen minutes of meditation later, she rose from the futon and went below to wash up, put on fresh clothes, and get ready for the day. It was 8:34 in the morning when she sloped into the dining room and found Utena, Anthy, Maki, and Minami in the middle of breakfast (and Annabelle present but not dining).

"Good morning, Korra," said Anthy with a smile, gesturing to the seat next to her. "We saved you some toast."

"Morning," said Korra, taking the place (and the toast). "Where is everybody?"

"Ryo and the girls had to head out dark and early if they were going to get to Jinbao on time," Minami said, signaling the steward to bring Korra's breakfast.

"And Garnet refuses to get out of bed while it's still dark out," Utena remarked. "I tried to explain to her that it's going to be dark until noon, but she just said, 'More for me, then.'"

Korra laughed. "Nice."

A moment later, the door from the main companionway opened and Corwin came in, dressed in his good suit and carrying a small duffel bag. "I'm about ready to head out," he reported. "Any last-minute - oh 'ello!"

The last was occasioned as Korra, bolting up from the table, all but lunged across the room and seized him in the kind of hug that turned him almost completely around, his duffel bag swinging outward on its strap like a counterweight.

"I was hoping I'd see you before you left," she said. "Thank you so much for last night."

He grinned. "So you liked your birthday present, then," he said. "I'm so pleased."

"Liked it, it was incredible!" She squeezed him again, then let him go and resumed her seat at the table, blushing furiously in response to the knowing little smiles Utena and Anthy were giving her. "Uh... I just... realized what that sounded like," she said lamely.

Minami snickered; then, with an arched eyebrow, she glanced at Utena and asked, "When do I get my turn?"

"Behave yourself, Miss Sato," said Utena mock-primly; then she grinned at Korra and gave her near shoulder a friendly thump. "I know what you mean, he told us about arranging it last night. I'm glad it went well."

"Well, ladies," said Corwin cheerfully, "I'd better get going. Maki, I probably won't get back until after Kyoshi Island, so I think this is goodbye for now."

"Don't assume you'll be rid of me that easily," said Maki with a grin, rising to give him a hug of her own. "I intend to come up and see this palace of yours once it starts going up."

"You'll be welcome anytime," Corwin assured her. "I'll keep you posted."

He said his goodbyes to the others, with hugs for all and kisses for his Particular Ladies; then he energized the window looking out onto the flight deck, stepped toward it, and vanished.

"Such a cool trick," Minami said, and then, wistfully, "I hope our kids can do that."

Utena snorted and went back to work on her breakfast without further comment.