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Aug-21-17, 12:15 PM (EST)
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"So...War of the Chosen?"
   Yep. Next tuesday(the 29th) comes the first expansion, as opposed to DLC, for XCom 2. Three new super-enemies, three new factions, three new Advent units,new game-play, and of course the (shudders in revulsion) zombies. Right, sorry, "Lost". Because that changes what they are.

Who's interested? Well, beyond ME, that is.

For those with little to no knowledge, but an interest in knowing more, a small preview of what is to come, from what little I do know:

Factions, that is to say, other Resistance-groups that aren't actually XCom. There are three, as noted.
The Reapers, who are stealth-and-snipe experts, who apparently doesn't, necessarily, loose concealment when they shoot their special rifle. Shadow Mode, as it's called, also allow for greater movement, and smaller detection radius by the enemy. They also have a, potentially sticky, mine that anyone can detonate by shooting it.
The Templars are psonics-specialists and close-combat oriented. They have two psi-blades to rush in and eviserate with, and also create shields to counter enemy fire, as well as psi-lightning. At least most, if not all, of these abilities require "Focus", however, which you gain by killing.
Last is the Skirmishers, a group of de-chipped ex-Advent soldiers. Yep, they look like the guy under the helmet in the "rescue the commander" intro-mission. The Skirmishers come pre-equipped with a special grapple that not only can pull THEM around, but can actually pull ENEMIES out of cover. If they could pull FRIENDLIES BACK, they'd be the perfect counter to the fricking Snakewomen. It can also be used to deliver electro-shocks. Apart from that, they use a two-shots bullpup rifle. Their expanded abilities also center around more actions and re-actions.

Advent, on the other hand, are rolling out three new units to meet the Resistance with:
The Purifier is a flamethrower-equipped soldier meant to counter large numbers of enemies, affecting areas, so clumping up is a bad idea. And, as with most flamethrowers, they're somewhat volatile. So, your swordmaster Ranger should NOT attack unless you want him/her extra crispy.
The Priest is the Advents new psionic unit(and probably extra fanatical, with that name). They run around doing the old Sectoid "boost someone else" trick from the first XCom...except they can boost anyone. Of course, there's still the same old OTHER issue. Dead Priest, dead boosted unit.
And then there is the Spectre....and just what that thing IS...yeah. Not only can the Spectre turn into a CLOUD, which you can't shoot, but it also has the ability to somehow create a copy of itself from one of your soldiers, knocking it unconcious in the process. So, you're down one unit, and they're up one. FUN!

Oh, yeah. Your units can now be knocked out without actually being injured/dying. This also plays into the new "super-units" that the aliens have pulled out of somewhere.

There is the Assassin, who is primarily a close-combat unit that can either stealth or teleport...or both, who uses a sword and apparently have some sort of smoke grenade that completely removes any vision. There is some sort of "psionic wave" shown, and MAYBE a "steal an XCom soldiers gun" but that's it for range.

The Hunter, as you might guess, is the complete opposite, using grapples and a sniper rifle to utterly wreck your day. There seems to be some sort of "keep shooting as long as you're hitting" ability, and a MASSIVE sight-range. Yay, fun.

And lastly, we have the Warlock, which of course is the Psionic unit. It can raise multiple dead enemies, as well as mind-control multiple soldiers, it looks like. There also look like some sort of "psionic ghost" can be raised...and then, of course, is the "usual" psi lightning.

Beyond this is, of course, the fact that it doesn't seem as if you KILL these units, but merely DEFEAT them...allowing them to come back with greater abilities...OTHER abilities...or both at the same time.

Oh, and that "knocked out" thing that seems to be a new thing? The three specials all seem to do that...and then KIDNAP your soldiers, not only removing a soldier from your roster, at least for the time being, but also allowing them to interrogate that soldier, getting all sorts of info and advantage. On the other hand, this means that you get a new type of rescue-missions, which sounds interesting.

And then...there's the last "group". The Lost. Essentially, in the original XCom intro movies, there fell all sorts of things to Earth, slamming into the streets and releasing weird green energy/gas. These things are still around in various abandoned cities around the world. And, so are the people that LIVED in those cities when it happened. Sort of. They've been reduced to shambling, corpse-looking wrecks drifting around aimlessly.

Yeah. They're zombies. Because everything has to have f*cking zombies. Gods, I wish that trope would just DIE already, no pun intended.

But, anyways. The previously mentioned Purifier? Yeah, he's primarily meant to combat the Lost. Who, incidentally, are fairly easy to fight one-on-one, but who tend to react to the sound of combat...and PARTICULARLY explosions. So, if you just find the one or two? NO problem, particularly if you get them with a Ranger. Chop, chop, no bangs, no booms. Done. But when you get this great idea that, hey, there's three of them, and they're standing RIGHT next to each other...GRENADE! Well, you'll be in trouble. There'll be 35 of them shambling into your unit in a huge horde. Oy.

Beyond these, there'll be new things and changes in the strategy gameplay, with new "covert" missions, such as the mentioned "rescue a soldier" and others, and also new and different orders you can give to the various factions, after you've found, met and recruited them to your side, giving you different bonuses and advantages, depending on which order you give.

Yeah...I'm REALLY looking forward to this, as it promises to make XCom new and fresh and very different from before.

Stoke Mandeville, Esq & The Victorian Ballsmiths
"Nobody Want Verdigris-Covered Balls!"

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