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Jul-26-17, 10:39 PM (EDT)
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   One year minus two weeks ago, my wife was diagnosed with squamous cell throat cancer.

Four months and four days ago, she died.

Twenty-four years ago today, we were married.

I never managed to get her hooked on any of the EPU stories. In retrospect, trying to start her on NXE was probably a mistake; I suspect she'd have enjoyed the Symphony better.

Either way, to be honest, I never expected EPU to outlast her.

If you're in love, never, ever take it for granted. The one thing that brings me comfort is that I never did so. I believe... hope... desperately think... that she knew that.

Not that it makes me want to live without her. I'd... um... well, I was going to say I'd kill for a meteorite that vaporized my bedroom without affecting the rest of the house, but then I wouldn't be in any shape to do that, so... uh... I'd try to satisfy any bargains from beyond the grave? I dunno. To be honest, if I was reunited with her right now, I probably wouldn't be _able_ to honor any bargains, so, y'know, probably not the best credit risk, so to speak....

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