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Nov-04-06, 05:08 PM (EDT)
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"Fulcrum of Fate"
   LAST EDITED ON Dec-21-11 AT 02:40 PM (EST)
Finally caught up with FoF -- I didn't realize three chapters were out. Ayi-yi-yi! There's tons I could say, but the best thing about FoF was Ewan McGregor.

I'm not a good judge of Obi-Wan, but I know Mr. McGregor from Star Wars, Big Fish, that movie he was in with Cameron Diaz, a ton of second-hand retellings of Velvet Goldmine. I'd say that Gryphon made better use of his acting skills, by way of suggestive imagery, than George Lucas did with the real thing.

Good show! I can't wait for part four.

EDIT: I so, totally posted this in the wrong forum. ^_^;;

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