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Feb-19-20, 03:53 PM (EDT)
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"Girls' Frontline"
   (also known as Dolls' Frontline in Japan, for some reason)

I've been reading a bit or two here and there about this game, having run across a fan comic on Danbooru crossing it over with Kancolle. It looks interesting, but some of the casting choices strike me as a little odd. For instance, one of the available T-dolls is Welrod Mk II.

I say this seems odd, because I gather, based on what I've read, that the game plays kind of like old-school X-COM, with a base management part and a tactical combat part, and I'm reasonably sure that no Welrod was ever used in a squad combat situation. It was a manually cycled, integrally suppressed .32-caliber assassination pistol made for the British SOE in World War II—not a gun I would have thought modern-day Chinese game devs would ever have even heard of, come to that. Maybe they're Forgotten Weapons subscribers. :)

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