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Peter Eng
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Apr-29-20, 01:45 PM (EDT)
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"XCOM: Chimera Squad"
   It's five years after the War of the Chosen, and this time the humans actually won. City 31 is a beacon of integration where humans, aliens, and hybrids are not actively opposed to each other.

Chimera Squad comes to town at the invitation of Mayor Nightingale, to do what the Reclamation Agency does - get restricted alien technology off the streets.

And then things go south.

I'm enjoying this more than the usual XCOM experience, because my agents get to banter with each other. Also, I'm not walking into fog of war, discovering a group of Mutons, and getting slaughtered.

It's a familiar-yet-different game, and I definitely want to reach the end of the story...and I feel like I actually have a chance to do that.

I recommend it to anybody who liked XCOM.

Peter Eng
"In City 31, the criminal justice system..."

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