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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #16
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Apr-10-15, 10:42 PM (EST)
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"Gang Aft Agley"
   Switching OWaW to Saturday worked for... a week. Although, in fairness, the fact that it's not likely to work this week has less to do with me not being able to budget my time properly and more to do with my grandmother being unexpectedly dispatched to a nursing home, after suffering an injury the people at the assisted living facility can't cope with. Dispatched alone, as my grandfather has not suffered an injury, etc., though trying to get his head around living on his own for the first time since 1950 might constitute one in a more metaphysical sense than nursing homes generally deal in. Dispatched, in point of fact, alone to a nursing home in the wrong town, because the bureaucracy doesn't care that the one that's in the same building as their apartment would be somewhat simpler for, you know, everyone, but particularly the 85-year-old gent who's not such a good driver any more.

Do excuse me. I'm a bit annoyed about... well, all of this, actually, but in particularly the parts of it that have been made even worse than they had to be by the mindless machinery of the USA's national shame, our shambolic nth-world health care system. This isn't even political to me, and I'd prefer if we didn't make it so here; it's just filed under "chinchillas could do a better job."

Anyway, there have been many family conferences. There have been cut-short vacations and epic cross-country drives. There have been small, unrelated norovirus outbreaks (seriously, don't ask). Today there has been a sudden obsessive search for a new Portable Music Solution with me drafted in to be the IT support (Grodd only knows how THAT will go over - I know you've just had your whole life turned upside down and you're in a lot of pain, but bear with me a minute while I teach you how to use an iPod). Tomorrow there will be, well, that, and a lot of moving around of furniture.

What there isn't going to be, in the midst of all that, is very much of me finishing OWaW 13 on time. I mean, if nothing else, I'm not going to be home most of tomorrow.

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