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Terminus Est
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Jul-24-21, 01:32 AM (EST)
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"RE: The Warthog"
   A while back, I'm not sure when, a mini was posted about the WDF acquiring the Air Force, and a certain plane in particular being upsold by its pilots and techs. I've just stumbled across a video that illustrates some of the finer points of the A-10, and why it'll probably be chewing up ground vehicles for a long time to come.

British Marine Reacts to Why No One Wants to Fight the A-10 Warthog

Being an Ace Combat fan, I have to admit to loving this thing in the early game, especially in AC 4. It chews through the oil field map like no one's business, and I've used it to fly circles around the Yellow Squadron at the end of the mission while taking pot shots. Bear in mind, you can't actually shoot them down in that mission. It's just that fun to play with. (Yes, I do this on the harder difficulties. Yes, it is still fun.)

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