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"New indie X-Com:: Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children"
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-14-21 AT 11:23 AM (EDT)
Need a X-Com itch scratched? Try Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children, a hybrid of JRPG and X-Com.

Made by an Korea indie company, Troubleshooter is mix of X-Com and a visual novel.

First some of the similarities to X-Com: Chimera Squad
1. Your team is a group of essentially super-powered SWAT members in an unstable nation.
2. Characters at their base, are pre-defined with histories and personalities you don't have full access to changing.
3. The two-level cover system of the latest X-Com games is present.
4. While some of your combat resources are limited (heal and grenades) everything else is on a cool-down system with otherwise unlimited use.

The things that are different:
1. Troubleshooter has a deep customization system. Not only can you freely switch what techniques your character uses (of what they have unlocked) you also have the Mastery system.
2. Want to be able to Overwatch? There's a mastery for that. Counterattacks? Equip the right Mastery. There are more than 200 masteries, many of which are only stat boosts, but many give new abilities.
3. There are a lot of extremely deep systems here. Crafting, robot building, monster taming, etc.

I'm not too far into it myself, but I've found it to be very enjoyable so far. It's not perfect, far from it, but if you are looking for strategic X-Com game, this could do it for you.

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