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Oct-20-16, 02:45 PM (EST)
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   Go watch the Logan trailer, then come back and let's talk about it a little. I'll wait.



Now, I understand that trailers aren't the full feature, and there are a number of ways that they could fuck this up. But it seems like the writers (including one of the producers of American Gods!) understand two things:
1) They somehow, fifteen years ago, cast some of the best actors of this generation<1> in these roles, and it turns out they can probably carry a movie with some pathos in it.
2) After Winter Soldier and Civil War, it turns out that audiences are willing to accept comic book movies that are character driven dramas that happen to have action set pieces in them.

(this is not to say that all audiences want is Dark and Gritty. See Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy for proof of that).

I'm MASSIVELY impressed with choice to go for Little Girl X-23 and not Grown Up Sexy X-23.

"Don't change the subject"
"Too slow, already did."

<1> Or The Next Generation if you want to make the obvious Star Trek joke.

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