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Dec-19-06, 11:25 AM (EST)
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"(S43) Lion of Avalon"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-10 AT 01:53 PM (EDT)
72 Another example of a UF-Cephirean notable following the Magic Knight Rayearth "named after cars" convention.

97 And here's Galeon! At this point, those who hadn't seen King of Braves Gaogaigar were probably thinking, "... Voltron?"

122 Ryu Zan Paku is borrowed from Giant Robo: The Night the Earth Stood Still, wherein it's the mystic mountain sanctuary where the Experts of Justice keep all their really important stuff.

161 This is basically the look sported by "Evoluder Gai" in the Kings of Braves Gaogaigar FINAL OVA series, when he's not wearing his armor.

171 Mimi is an original character; she resembles her mother, though she wears her hair differently.

204 These guys are improbably huge even for Jotun; one presumes the sorcerer who hired them has enlarged them somewhat, though neither Guy nor Mimi has any way of knowing any of this.

222 This sort of sentiment is expressed repeatedly throughout King of Braves Gaogaigar.

220 Wherever he is, someone ought to be able to get him on his Lens, unless he's taken it off. This indicates that he's probably in the shower.

318 A very stylish move she learned from her mother.

377 Mimi's katana, Godfang, is one of Corwin's creations. She will one day inherit the family blade, the legendary Spirit Sword Arataka, but hopefully not for a long time, as Sakura would have to die first.

458 Mimi unconsciously quotes Sgt. Joe Friday, who delivers this immortal line to a perp from behind a shotgun in an episode of the color Dragnet series.

460 I wanted to show that Mimi has been trained for battle by all the Hanagumi, not just Sakura. The gun and her skill with it come from Maria Tachibana. (The Webley-Fosbery auto-revolver is a real firearm, perhaps best known as the weapon used to kill Sam Spade's partner in The Maltese Falcon, and a cousin to Maria's signature Enfield revolver. Another place the Webley-Fosbery turns up in fiction is as Inaho's sidearm in Master of Mosquiton.)

465 The Webley-Fosbery is far from the most powerful handgun in the world and it would not blow this guy's head clean off, but still.

570 "Going somewhere, stud?" The line had become something of a running gag by the time this piece came out, and I was rather sad that nobody counted the spaces and figured out what Mimi had said.

579 Bet you weren't expecting a Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? reference.

665 It struck me as fitting for the mayor of Cephiro's most industrial city to be named after a popular brand of tools.

710 Kate gets a tiger, Corwin gets Big O, Guy gets Galeon... I sense a pattern forming. PJM

796 Galeon is so old that even the ancient prophecies involving him have been lost to history. Now only Galeon knows who the Brave King is, or why he's important.

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