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Subject: "Well this is embarrassing."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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May-17-12, 12:47 PM (EST)
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"Well this is embarrassing."
   LAST EDITED ON May-19-12 AT 02:03 PM (EDT)
Hello, finally got around to making a new account again. Been lurking here since about the 96-97 school year. I'd found the original Cybertronian dreams at my high schools computer lab and well the rest is as they say is history.

Oh one more thing the account listed as Rabe was me, last night with the aide of sleep depredation and what I could most charitably called nostalgia, I set it up linked to an old lockedout email address I used to use, whoops.

Oh one more one more thing...

I found this amv from Macross and well I'm not sure if it fits everyone taste but it just seemed to resonant with UF and maybe a bit more then most with Kate's cadre and the early Golden age OG core group of the WDF, so I hope if you choose to give it a view I hope you enjoy it in the spirit it was given.


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