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May-24-10, 04:41 PM (EDT)
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"Thank You Gryphon"
   LAST EDITED ON May-24-10 AT 05:24 PM (EDT)
I have been reading Eyrie stories now for about 16 years. Started back with R.A.A.C and stumbled upon the "core" UF stories and got hooked on fanfics in general. Along the way Gryphon introduced me to many an Anime series I had never heard of or had much interest in watching, along with a few TV shows. Of your most recent works, SoS got me to watch Utena, Neon Exodus Evangelion got me to watch the original series also, CSI New Avalon prompted a few weeks of binging to catch up with the series and finally the Phoenix Project has me watching the newer Dr. Who stuff.

So again, thank you for your wonderful stories that prompted me to find the original works to enjoy also.

Edit: How could I forget his crew of "Usual suspects"? They to get a helping of thanks for their work also.


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