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"A Day of Infamy question"
   :waves: 'lo all. First (or maybe second) time poster, long time reader, usually a lurker, but I had a question about A Day of Infamy that I was hoping someone could answer seeing as the story seems to be missing, for revisions/rewriting I assume.

During the fleet assignment scene, with Gryphon giving out orders on who is going where, I seem to remember Honor Harrington, Miles Naismith (Vorkosigan?), and someone else being sent to one sector of space. All I remember is that I though at the time that sending Honor, Miles, and whoever the third was would result in the sector being a nav hazard for the next century. Assuming my mind is not making this scene up, who was the third fleet commander that made up this completely overpowered trio? Its been driving me nuts... Well, more than I usually am.


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