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May-22-11, 02:21 AM (EST)
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"Some audio rearrangement"
   I've indexed the various Forum Mini-Story audio editions available on the main UF index page, since except for "Living Large", most of the ones I've done weren't actually listed anywhere other than whatever Forum post they were originally announced in, and two ("The Vulcan Heart" and "Duet for Robots in E") weren't actually linked anywhere at all, on account of I just uploaded them.

Also, there are no properly indexed links to any of the parts of Symphony No. 1 I've recorded to date, though that can be approximated by listing the directory sorted by "last modified". Ultimately, what I need to do is create proper, separate index pages for the audio material, now that it's arguably approaching a sort of critical mass, but that'll have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, this should help some.

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