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Dec-29-13, 10:25 PM (EST)
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"Things Are Looking Up"
   On at least one front, anyway: I am informed by our gracious host Dave that we'll be migrating to a new virtual server sometime in the next couple-three days, which will mean loads more disk space. That means - bandwidth permitting - I can probably start putting the audio files I had to pull down to open up disk space back sometime early in the new year, and get started filling in the backlog of works that have come out since we ran out of disk, as well.

Actually, I've already started on the production side of that second part. The audiobook versions of Le Droit du Dragon and A Fire to be Lighted are finished, and I'm about two-thirds of the way through Goodbye and Hello, with Fire Hazards and possibly a few of the recent minis to follow. As a kind of warmup exercise, I started with Agreement in Principle, which I was able to upload before we get our new disk because it's not very big compared to, say, the four- or five-hour extravaganza Goodbye and Hello is likely to be once I'm finished with it.

On a practical note, the migration may cause momentary disruptions in DNS resolution to the site for a little while when it goes live, though I gather that as part of his preparations for the move, Dave is shortening up TTLs and the like so that the outdated record won't persist long after the switch. So if, sometime around New Year's, things get a little weird, that's probably what it is.

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