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"IPSF All-Points Notice"

Office of the Chief
All-Points Notice
February 10, 2410

Boys, girls, and otherwise,

After months of occasionally-near-fatal confusion, Chancellor Krojaar epetai-Korgoth of the Klingon government-in-exile on Klinzhai Prime has finally conceded that, while his claim to the legitimacy of his government over that of Klayvor vestai-Klavaar (or, as he is now styling himself, "Emperor Kahless XII the Magnificent, a Thousand Times Undefeated"* - I promise you I am not making that up) is undisputed by the Federation, any of its members, or anybody else in the galactic neighborhood, insisting on the same nomenclature for his official departments, armed forces etc. is complicating the situation beyond any semblance of sense.

As such, the following terminological distinctions are now in force, effective immediately:

- The area of Klingon space which remains under the control of the Klinzhai Prime government is henceforth to be called the Klingon Union. Those of you who are keen students of history may remember that as a name which received serious consideration during the talks leading up to the Klingon Reunification of 2394, before the delegates decided to retain the name "Klingon Empire" for the combined Klingon state.

- The Standard-language operational name prefix for ships of the Klingon Defense Force is now KDS (Klingon Defense Starship). Transponders are being changed throughout the fleet and the switchover should be complete by the 14th. After that date, any ship identifying itself with the prefix "IKV" can be presumed hostile under the amended rules of engagement distributed last month.

- The name of the KDF itself can and will remain unchanged, since Klayvor was kind enough to deem "Defense Force" an unsuitable name for his glorious fleet and revive the earlier Imperial Navy label.

- Organs of the Krojaar government with names involving the words "Imperial" or "Empire", e.g., the Imperial Criminal Pursuit Force or All-Empire Rugby Club, will substitute "National" or "Union" where appropriate.

- Speaking of the All-Union Rugby Club, their neutral-site friendly with the Romulus Green Talons** is still on for next Friday at the Colosseum.

That is all.


* Certain wags in the Klingon Union are already in the habit of appending "... Albeit Beaten Thrice by Human Children" to Klayvor's self-proclaimed regnal name.

** The actual name of this team translates literally from the Romulan as talons besmeared viridian, the foe's unworthy ichor stains the noble plumage. Really.

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