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Jun-02-14, 09:49 AM (EDT)
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"Completed the full NXE Experience"
   So, my first thought is: "Gryph and Team, HOW COULD YOU!!! You all are TOTALLY EVIL! You have Ruined EVA for me forever!"

And that is because, NXE was FANTASTIC!!! Superior to the original Core Source Material.

I even tried re-watching EVA and I couldn't because it wasn't right :)

Thank you very much for NXE, your characterization, explanations and depth were spot on and made me care about characters that in EVA, I preyed the Angels to beat.

So thank you!

My question is, will there be more in that Universe? <sarcasm>Not like you have anything else to write about</sarcasm>

On to the recent Omnibus....
Until next time,
Stay Safe!


"When you have eliminated the
impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the
truth." - Sherlock Holmes

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