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Feb-24-16, 02:56 PM (EDT)
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"Exodus 5 annotations"
   I almost put these in the UF annotations forum, which would've been silly of me.

Notes from Gryphon
Notes from Matt

Were the bombs shaped like people? - One trick we used, shamelessly, and that I really liked was that between the first "full sized" trailer and the two looks at the fight scene in this episode, we gave you three totally different perspectives on the same battle.

Exodus 5 - Makes the assumption that the movie was basically Exodus 4, though it was never labeled as such.

I'll finish packing - One thing I love about the slightly older and wiser Asuka is she doesn't pitch a fit - doesn't even seem particularly surprised! She doesn't know who is in that Skyranger, but she's just accepted that This Stuff Happens, and she'd better get ready for whatever is coming next.

"I know people who've lost some money on that." - Kaji still owes her $50.

Gulf of Portolá - Named for Gaspar de Portolá i Rovira (1716-1786), first governor of Spanish Alta California, who was the first European to sight what became San Francisco Bay, or at least the first to report that he had.

Jon Ellison blinked in slightly flustered surprise - I've no idea why this shocks him - she does it almost every time they manage to get together for holidays or whatnot, but the lad always was a bit sheltered.

a threadbare Duran Duran T-shirt - The one with the cover art from Rio on it.

a little more Dr. Strangelove - "You can't fight in here, this is the war room!"

Special Agent Phil Coulson, MIB Southwestern US - Another of XCOM (or X-COM)'s grand old men, "C" was the squad support officer for the team that assaulted the Cydonia facility back in 1999. During the Angel War, he spent much of his time on counterintelligence and covert operations, including leading the team who demolished the Westinghouse EVA construction facility after SEELE took control of the United State.

local phase space was... twisted - Credit where it's due here. The original draft just had the Kaiju creating an AT field, but I happened to watch the episode of Mythbusters where they tested if an aquarium could serve as a bulletproof barrier (spoiler: it can!!), and the imagery inspired this change.

five-kilotonners was all we had handy - For comparison purposes, the total of those three warheads is about the same as the yield of the Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II.

the remains of FEISAR's Stuttgart works - Last seen being blown up by Otto Keller and Ken Stanfield in Neon Exodus Evangelion the Motion Picture.

Transbelvia - Because the best joke is a running joke.

Westham Island - No particular grudge there, Vancouverites! I just needed a reasonable location for something coming out of the Pacific to make landfall!

Antonov-602 - Unlike the An-411 EVA transport aircraft seen in the original series, the 602 is large enough to carry an Evangelion fully enclosed, not just hanging under it like a hang glider pilot. This enables things like servicing the unit while on the move, impossible with the 411.

I tried syncing with EVA-03 after we brought it out of storage. It... didn't go well - We'll be back to this.

God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world - The motto of the "old" NERV, this is a quotation from the 1841 verse drama Pippa Passes by the English poet Robert Browning. Interestingly, in the original drama (and probably in the original Evangelion, come to that), it's meant ironically.

In hindsight, DJ had to admit it was a dumb opening move. - Poor DJ, his first go round never seems to go that well. But in his defense he HAS been out of the game for quite a while.

the giant lizard war dance - This moment was inspired by the habit of some creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, particularly trolls, to waste a bunch of time in threat display animations when aggroed, which, if you're playing a reasonably skilled mid-to-high-level archer, gives you approximately all the time in the world to kill them before they get anywhere near you.

holding his water bottle - In the original cut of this scene, DJ was drinking a Red Bull, and then I realized, hang on, I want him to be able to sleep sometime this week.

"I'll be in your bunk." - This whole sequence cracked me up. Pretty much sums up their personalities to a T.

Croft's grandfather - This was mentioned in annotations, I believe, but never explicitly made clear - DJ's grandfather, Sir Henshingly Croft, spent most of the late 20th century (and early 21st) as "Zed", the head of MIB. After his recovery from a near-fatal heart attack in Exodus 3 and the end of the Angel War, he made the decision to step down from his position, and was later offered a seat on the XCOM Council by King Stephen II.

Does DJ actually know any of this? Probably not, though much as his mother accomplished some rapprochement with her father, I'd imagine DJ's relationship with Sir Henshingly is a bit more cordial these days.

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