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"TV Listing: Channel 39, 2410.07.22"
   Avalon County Entertainment System
Program Listing: THURSDAY, July 22, 2410


7:00 [News, Weather] It's Too Early with Meiko

8:00 [Kids, Education] Sesame Street
Episode 44,072 - Sponsored by the letters D and ▭, the number 百, and the key of C♯ minor.

9:00 [Talk] The Morning Mirror with Luka Megurine
Topics: The state of the galactic aidoru industry; Instrument tariffs across country lines; The ecology of loth-cats.

10:30 [Game Show] What's My Melodic Line?
Schubert, Williams, Silvestri, EmpathP, Brost of Malastare.

11:00 [Game Show] Iron PV Editor
Quarter-semifinals. Secret Ingredients - Ievan Polkka and Sapporo Snow Festival models. Guest Judges: Daft Punk. (Repeat)

12:45 [Movie] ***½ The Hatsune Identity
(Color; 2074) A young girl wakes up with a tattoo on her arm, some mad dance moves, and no memory of how she got either one.

15:00 [News] News 39

16:00 [Cooking] Cooking with Kaito
The Bare Necessities - Belgad and Snabs, Salutech Shyam, Economy Udon Bowl, Buffalo Wings, Fresh and Fruity Popsicles. Special Guest: Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet. (Repeat)

17:00 [Education, Science] The Undersea World of Takoluka
Shipwrecks - Takoluka explores some of the galaxy's most famous sunken ships, delving where no one has ever managed to take a camera before.

18:00 [Education, Comedy] ClassicaLoid
Shopping with Chopin - Beethoven, Mozart, and Liszt-chan prepare to defend the mansion. Kanae and Chopin go on a supply run. Bach moves one step closer in his master plan.

18:30 [Education, Comedy] ClassicaLoid
Discord - Bach deals with dissension in the ranks. Jolly gets a letter from an unexpected source.

19:00 [Sports, News] Sportscar365
Palaven GT qualifiers. Tatooine endurance rally - week 2. Interstellar Formula One predictions.

19:30 [Reality, Comedy] The Producer Whisperer
Pitch Correction - Neru has her hands full trying to keep Masamichi on task long enough to teach him about tuning. Will she succeed, or will SF-A2 be doomed to stay off-key forever?

20:00 [Action Adventure] Road Roller
Poor Life Choices - Rin and Len save a small town from an unscrupulous mine owner and his thugs. Molly: Teto Kasane.

21:00 [News] News 39

22:00 [Culture] Great Performances
The MonCal Ballet Company performs Squid Lake. Host: Meiko. (Repeat)

23:30 [Talk] Late Show with...
Musical Guest: Lúcio Correia dos Santos

1:30 [Music] Galactic Top Forty
Host: KC-K5M

2:30 [Movie] **½ Dango Unchained
(Color; 2217) Director Quentin Tarantino's hyperviolent celebration of Japanese rice flour dumplings and unusual hairstyles. Dango-chan: Mato Kuroi.

4:30 Off air

Series Spotlight: Road Roller

Road Roller. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a girl... who does not exist. Rin Kagamine: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law but are generally susceptible to having their stuff flattened.

Action-adventure series in which each episode is basically the same:
- Rin blows rather slowly into some dusty town on her computerized talking steamroller, Len.
- She meets, and not infrequently has an Ambiguous Romance Subplot with, a local (usually played by either Gumi or Haku Yowane) who explains how the people of the town are being oppressed/exploited/terrorized by somebody, usually a corrupt law enforcement official (generally played by Kaito or Gakupo Kamui) and/or manifestation of organized crime.
- The bad guys take exception to her snooping around and send thugs to rough her up and/or find out whom she works for.
- Len crashes rather slowly through a wall to the rescue.
- Rin and Len go rather slowly to the bad guys' headquarters and methodically flatten all their things.
- The town is saved. Rin rides rather slowly off into the sunset, leaving smooth pavement and grateful but frankly somewhat mystified townsfolk.

A strangely slow-paced action show, and outstandingly formulaic, but popular enough that it's now in its seventh season on Channel 39.

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