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Dec-09-12, 04:08 PM (EDT)
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11. "RE: Amusing Coincidence Dep't"
In response to message #10
   LAST EDITED ON Dec-09-12 AT 04:14 PM (EST)
>I do hope the reading-out of their decision includes a
>well-choreographed staging of "Stop! In the Name of Love".

That would be wild to see. But I kind of think Clarence Thomas and Elena Kagan might well be singing with opposing meanings.

>Or, wait, was that Martha & the Vandellas? No, surely

Stop! In the Name of Love was The Supremes. Martha and the Vandellas were Dancing in the Streets and (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave.

I've been calling the US Supreme Court "the Supremes" since this was broadcast


Jeanne Hedge
"Never give up, never surrender!"

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