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Jan-24-13, 08:14 PM (EDT)
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10. "RE: The Griffin mk I"
In response to message #7
   >>>>I suppose reports of the Mk VIII tooling around California during
>>>>1885, 1955, and 2015, causing all sorts of havoc, would be unfounded
>>>>rumors and gross speculation, then.
>>>No, all those incidents are fairly well-documented. Different car;
>>>nothing to do with Sunrise SPG or the Griffon Mk VIII.
>>For those not familiar with the older parts of the UF oeuvre, see Doc
>>Mui's "Leap Years".
>... or if you've already ready it, go reread it, because it's a fun

Wow, people still remember me.

And as for the incidents, the debriefing might have ended up something like this:

"Look, Ben, I can explain. We had the local currency, we had the right clothes, and we had a hat that would cover Keri's ears."

"So what happened?"

"Someone tried to commit suicide by groping Keri. She threw him twenty feet away. And then both the flux capacitor and the cloaking device went wonky."

"You're in the history books about 88 years before you were born."

"Yeah, not one of my better vacations."


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