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1. "RE: President Clark vs. the IPO"
In response to message #0
   >"We should be separate from the WDF - they're needed as they
>are, and there are plenty of other officers who deserve a shot at the
>top. It ought to be separate from the 3WA too, and from any
>corporation - its own oversight, its own sanction, everything."

I recall that quote well, but... I mean, how do you get people to agree to that?

As I said, MegaZone is a supremely gifted diplomat, and Gryphon is an intergalactic hero of wide renown, but... well. All I can say is that if I were a policymaker in a star nation, and someone came and said "Hey, we're starting a pan-galactic law enforcement organization" I'd be very interested; but my interest would rapidly wane if it were followed up by "You will have no oversight or, indeed, formal input over this organization, but you'll also have to give it full authority to operate within your borders with law enforcement powers. Oh, and the IPO gets to decide how it interprets the law, not your own courts."

That's going to be a hard sell. People who have a personal relationship with Gryphon AND can exercise unilateral control over the levers of state (like Asriel) will be happy to sign on the dotted line. But... I mean, I have trouble seeing the same EA that was happy to pass the Psi Act also signing the Accords if they weren't going to have input or oversight into the IPO.

But as I said, I've got no idea what's in those Accords.

(The real-life Interpol, I will note, is run collectively by the contributing countries. The President of the United States can't exercise direct control over it, it's an independent organization, but he can pull their funding, he can tell the US representative to it to kick up a fuss, he could tell domestic LEO's to stop cooperating with it.)

>Remember, Zoner handed out enough stock to make Juri independently
>wealthy without blinking. Gryphon is probably less well-off, since
>his time in the Exile was a bit leaner, but he's still reasonably
>supplied with cash - if his pack-rat ways extend to money, he probably
>had to spend several months closing all the bank accounts he
>established over the course of the Exile. Even if he didn't, the
>bounty (bounties?) for bringing in the Butcher of Musashi is
>impressive seed money. Kei and Yuri probably have a fair chunk of
>change as well. Add GENOM's petty cash into the mix, and that's quite
>the load of bread.

Oh, I don't think he can completely defund them. But assuming the IPO is funded by streams coming from multiple sources (again, like Interpol) it would probably inconvenience them a bit if the Federation stopped contributing.

Although he'd have to get something like that through the assembly, one imagines. Politically speaking, Bill Clark is likely to not have a real strong mandate (and good luck getting re-elected), which means he'd have to confine his fuckery to things that the Office of the President controls rather than things the Federation Assembly controls.

>President Clark might be able to push the IPO out of Federation space,

What I'm imagining is that he does things like "discourage" Federation-controlled agencies from cooperating with the IPO. He probably can't just order them not to do so (that'd likely be grounds for impeachment) but... well.

>From where I sit, it seems more likely that the intent is to have
>Gryphon out of the way, and have the Federation "collapse from
>internal stresses."

This would, in my mind, qualify as 'coming at Gryphon sideways.' Bill Clark's current ascension is probably also a carefully crafted conspiracy many years in the making.

Basically, trying to blow Gryphon and assorted Gryphon-like people up is a mugs game. It never works and just about everyone who has ever tried has ended up dead, humiliated, or both. If you want him and his buddies out of your way, the only thing that's EVER even come close to working is kicking his legs out from underneath him. One assumed that if Clark both considers Gryphon an enemy and is at all smart, THAT'S what he'll try doing.

Keep Rat

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