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1. "RE: Now that's knowing your audience"
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of Martial Prowess
N.B. Very important not to typo this item on the
Let's not give Nall any excuses we don't have to.

Especially since he kind of forgot the bachelor party and may seek to make up for lost time.

Although in my own minds eye, I see Nall deciding to seize the opportunity (and the captive, sleepy-from-lunch crowd) to explain every painstaking tier of draconic romance initiation rituals in the same style as Jake the Dog would:

"Then down the road you'll make it to Tier 5, where she'll let you discover all 200 feet of her beautiful, scaly stomach. And after awhile, you'll make it to Tier 8, where you touch her tail for the very first time. Very special. Yes, a question from Doctor Solus?"

"See that chart is incomplete. What about Tier 15?"


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