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Jul-14-13, 10:58 PM (EDT)
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10. "RE: The hard part"
In response to message #9
   >>>Second person? The Crappy Internet Porn voice? I'm going to
>>>have to decline. :)
>>The... What?
>Second person - you did this, you did that, you experienced the other.
> The only things I've ever seen written primarily in the second person
>are particularly awful Internet porn stories and Charles Stross's
>Halting State, which is like Internet porn without the porn. :)
>I don't recall a Sherlock Holmes story written in that format, but
>then I haven't read the canon in a while. Most Holmes stories are in
>the first person, but mainly telling about the actions of a third
>party (as opposed to, say, Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe novels,
>which are in the first person and mainly concerned with the narrating
>character's own doings).

Ah. There's the misunderstanding, then - I was given to understand that second person referred to fixed third person from the perspective of someone other than the protagonist - Watson observing Holmes, for example. A quick rifle through Wikipedia shows me that I - and by extension, my grade 4 teacher - were wrong about that.

Having learned that, the only use I'd have for second person would be in text adventures. I was actually suggesting a fixed third person account.

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