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Subject: "Will There Be a Symphony No. 6?"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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2. "RE: Will There Be a Symphony No. 6?"
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   ... I somehow thought I'd replied to this days ago, but that might have been a dream.

Thanks for taking the time. I love process notes to death.

Anyway, this makes total sense. I'd like to note that my suggestion you consider re-branding Symphony 5 has less to do with it becoming longer than comparable Symphonies (I mentioned length mainly to note that it's already a decent size as opposed to being 'short') but that the tale seems to have changed in the telling; so far the Order of the Black Rose have been decidedly bit players (and had an abortive plotline where time was taken to establish a bunch of their members who turned out to not be relevant at all) whereas the theme of the Symphony has mostly revolved around Corwin and Utena finally nailing down their relationship and the travails surrounding that, their wedding, and their honeymoon.

Which is great, but doesn't really go with the title. I suppose it's possible this one will balloon all the way out to, like, fourteen movement-equivalents or something, so that you have a front half light/back half dark symmetry metaphor thing going on with the plot structure, but as it is now even if the Black Rose stuffs blasts into high gear for the downslope it will probably end up looking weirdly backloaded.

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