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7. "RE: Reflection on Lion of Avalon"
In response to message #3
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-07-14 AT 07:10 PM (EDT) by Gryphon (admin)
[I can't stand it. I know you planned it. --G.]

>The materfamilias, if indeed she is still living, would be more likely
>to be proud of Akio. A grandson who became a demon prince, now,
>that's something worth bragging about in Svartalfheim...

True, but let's not forget that Anthy stabbed her brother in the back en route to becoming one of three people wielding ultimate cosmic power in the Tenth World. That seems like it would be respectable in its own right to svartelves, and also that the sheer depth and scope of Anthy's contacts means she'd probably be considered a resource worth cultivating by whatever clan she happens to be descended from.

Anthy of course would realize that that was exactly what they were doing if they made contact, but cultivating resources works both ways, and better that she gets an in in Svartalfheim than her brother. Although knowing Akio, he may have gotten there ahead of her; dude knows how to network.

Oh, tangentially but somewhat related: the comic series Thor: God of Thunder recently concluded a storyline that was all about Svartalfheim, its people, its culture, its politics, etc. It was quite good. In fact, Thor: God of Thunder is an exceptionally good comic to begin with; among other things, it's managed to go nearly two years without requiring any knowledge whatsoever about things happening elsewhere in the Marvel Universe or requiring more knowledge about previous Thor-related adventures than can be delivered succinctly in a one-page summary.

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