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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #429
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Apr-30-14, 10:06 PM (EDT)
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3. "RE: Vengeance Flies at Morning"
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   LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-14 AT 10:07 PM (EDT)
>Will we see a miniature anytime soon?

I'm not sure; Adam's working on a suitable 3D object file, as he did for the Phoenix Queen, but until I have it and can plug it into the system at Shapeways, I won't know if it's suitable for printing. (I expect it is, it's a pretty simple shape all things considered, but there's no way to be certain without testing it.)

That said, if it is suitable, I may or may not have the money to get it made until school resumes this fall anyway; and then there's Dave's turnaround time if and when he's up for painting it. You may need to adjust your assumptions regarding what "soon" means, is all I'm saying. :)

(For reference, a quick check of the relevant email trails indicates that the Phoenix Queen model took about five weeks from the time I received the .OBJ file from Adam - two for Shapeways to make it and get it to me, two for UPS Ground shipping to and from Dave, and one for Dave to paint it.)

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