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Mar-23-17, 11:42 PM (EDT)
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"TCRF: Len's Tour of the Universe"
   The original concept for the bit at the end of Fulcrum V where Len is briefly one with the Force was for it to be a lot more narrative than it ended up being. Ultimately, I decided to go with the sort of minimalist approach that appeared in the released story, where it's just fragmentary impressions conveyed with unattached dialogue. It had the somewhat disointed immediacy that the way the final sequence was playing out required.

Unfortunately, that meant I had to discard one of the vignettes I had planned, because it wouldn't have worked with only the dialogue:

A night-dim bedroom, air faintly scented of the sea. Corwin sits up in the expansive bed, covers pooling at his waist, pushing fingers through his hair as he peers around in the gloom. "Len?"

Next to him another figure stirs, rising up on an elbow, her tousled hair glinting pink in the moonlight that filters through the curtains on the small circular window by the bed. "Admiral? What is it?"

It was to be left as an exercise for the reader whether that's Akashi, or Utena in a slightly puckish mood inspired by where they are. :)

In the interest of full disclosure, if it is Akashi, she's just crashing. She's not an admiralist, she's into light cruisers. Well, a light cruiser.
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