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Subject: "PRELIM TEASER: OOTR: The Federation..."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #458
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3. "RE: PRELIM TEASER: OOTR: The Federation..."
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   This is, of course, a dream sequence. Even without the reveal at the end, it'd be pretty obvious that it was - I'm 95% certain Yui doesn't even know the word "muthafuckas", much less possess any willingness to shout it into a live microphone in front of 20,000 people. :) However, there are a couple of little details in it I hoped those familiar with the source would take note of, to wit:

- Azusa is not wearing the comedy cosplay cat ears on stage.

- The revolving in-the-round stage could hypothetically be a problem? But it is fairly well established in the K-On! movie that Mio is only afraid of revolving things when she's looking at them.

- Most of the phrases Yui uses to introduce her bandmates are cribbed from the way Stuart Adamson introduces the other members of Big Country on Come Up Screaming (the band's last live album), but the title she gives to Mio is not accidental - although, as the disclaimer in that one episode of Arpeggio of Blue Steel put it, "be advised that this is Azalynn's mental image". :)

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