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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #46
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Nov-21-17, 06:49 PM (EST)
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2. "pool revision (CAUTION LONG LOAD)"
In response to message #0
   Revised the pool somewhat, as it occurred to me that I had left some people out and failed to give anyone a bio. Of course, I remembered partway through that I hadn't given anyone a bio because just setting the dang thing up had taken more than an hour, but by then I was committed. Early adopters may wish to redownload. The final (I hope) character list is:

Except for SPARKs and the new Resistance Hero classes, WOtC still does the thing the original game did, where it ignores what you set your custom soldiers' class to in the pool creator and sets them to a random class after their rookie mission (or placement in the Psi Lab, in the case of Psi Ops). They're shown here as I pictured them, but the game's mileage may vary (unless you use the GTS or the MakeSoldierAClass cheat to force them back).

I had to make the character who is famous for being willing to eat anything a Reaper, didn't I?

This is actually a better codename than I gave her in OWaW.

"I strrrrike for my people!"

Pretty pleased that I got that ß in there.

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