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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #468
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"TFLF: CH6-7"
   Following on from the end of chapter 5, certain canon developments start to overtake themselves, and the divergant properties of UF take hold. I like where this is going :)

Thoughts on chapter 6;

> "Yup, he's better at math than Yui,"

Well, -consistently- better. :) Yui, certainly in this context, strikes me as somebody who might accidentally invent Warp Physics, and then forget everything involved the moment she was done.
Hm. Actually, that may still not equalise out. This is -Ein-, after all.

> Sergei the tiger prowled around him into the room, and Yui's delight in the occasion reached a level that had theretofore been purely theoretical.

I am actually amazed I didn't see that coming, and yet both meeting and delight were somewhat inevitable.

> somewhere in a contentedly dozing heap of corgi, tiger, and Azusa.

The mental image is adorable.

> "You're just... building your own recording studio? In a place you're only visiting for a while?"

Also, they've probably thought ahead enough to know you won't be in school forever, and if there's nowhere suitable for -their- needs....well, I'm sure you'll catch on eventually.

Thoughts on chapter 7;

> "Don't you want me for your kōhai any more, Ritsu-senpai?" asked Azalynn with a wide-eyed, innocent look, causing Mio to come perilously close to snorting tea.

As evident, Azalynn is having far too much fun for your pesky logic to interfere. :)

> "I've never heard of this Fang brand before," Azalynn remarked, "but they look a lot like Ibanezes."

Funnily enough, on a similar note, I popped into my local music store a couple days ago, looked at their (rather meagre, admittedly) guitar selection and thought* "I've never heard of these Ibanezes before", which was 90% of what they had. My guitar knowledge to date appears to have been limited to stuff mentioned around here.
* Followed up by "and they all look tiny", because I'd already bought a Rockburn Les Paul style, and my sense of scale has been coloured by that slightly.

> "So," said Ritsu once all their orders had arrived. "How long before you two finally join the club?"

Yes indeed. I mean, I understand why Jun didn't join from the outset (and the subsequent slow redecision as stories filtered through from Azusa) but I never quite got why Ui didn't. Seems to me she'd be all over the excuse to hang out with her sister further. In either case, the original rather drags its heels on that front, and I like that we're not going to here.

> " Like I'm making a difference. And it reminds me... of older times."

Funny you should mention that.... :)

As mentioned above, I do like the accelerative effect Kaitlyn's having on canonical events, and it is nice to be reliving some of the "these kids are going places, but they haven't made it -yet-" feel. Older times indeed. A lot of the older duelists and assorted company have things down pretty well at this point, which is good for them, but not always so interesting to be watching, if you get my drift. The older kids still have their more notably on-screen fighting chops, of course, but if Mio is an airbender, Ritsu's a firebender, Mugi is...well, Mugi, and it wouldn't surprise me if Yui had accidentally memorized a Kung Fu form or two by marathon-watching too many martial art movies with Nodoka one rainy summer and has never thought to practice (or not, but I could see it happen :), then it's only a matter of time before that equals out as well.

Overall, very much enjoying things. Looking forward to next week. The week after's impending hiatus, not so much, but I understand why that's a thing so I'm sure I'll manage. :)

Starting topics feels weird to my lurker-senses

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