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Dec-16-10, 09:54 PM (EST)
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"Fighter Profile: GRYPHON"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-07-11 AT 07:21 PM (EST)
[Updated edition a/o end of Battle 07 --G.]

World Circuit Martial Arts Tournament Authority
Street Fighter Tournament Combatant Profile


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Name: Benjamin Hutchins
Nationality: USA
Sex: M
DOB: June 20, 19XX
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Anglo-Euro
Fighting Style: Icon of Stone Ler Drit

Ranking: World Warrior
W/L/D: 71/4/0 [5/2/0]
World Warrior victory average: .714
KO: 56
Streak: W 3
Last Opponent: EL FUERTE; Nov. 5, Mexico City (W)

Scouting Report: An American fighter with a compact, economical style that contains little wasted movement. Not the most flamboyant warrior, but steady and relentless; possesses evident supernatural ki abilities. His record as a World Warrior so far is only .500, but his victory against Sergei Zangief earlier this year, his first at that ranking, was a spectacular display of grit and determination accomplished under circumstances peculiar even by World Warrior standards. Has also defeated Ryu Hoshi, the current Street Fighter Tournament champion, twice in his career (once in his second World Warrior win).

Interestingly, this World Warrior appears to use a variant of the same obscure Thai-derived fighting style as Mrigankan dictator and occasional Street Fighter Tournament sponsor M. Bison, although it is not believed that they know each other personally and he has no known connection to Thailand.

A likeable fighter with no known enemies on the circuit, Gryphon is well-known for the hospitality he shows challengers who visit his home in Worcester, Massachusetts, which has been nicknamed "the St. Spyridon Home for Wayward Fight Girls" after both his student, Sakura Kasugano, and fellow World Warrior Cammy White relocated there in recent months. Kasugano achieved World Warrior standing in her own right with a victory over El Fuego on Nov. 5.

A few of the better-known moves in his arsenal are:

Electro Gauntlet: Channels ki into an electricity-like energy, usually focused in the hands and discharged into the opponent with a punch.

Sliding Kick: Levitating medium-range charging attack.

Spinning Backfist: Combination dodge/attack. Can be combined with the Electro Gauntlet technique.

360 Double Kick: Just what it says on the tin, a chain of two powerful 180° kicks.

The Maltese Falcon: Rarely used wallspring/diving punch; aerial counter.

Tesla Bolt: Ranged shot of electric ki. Can jump from one opponent to another if they're bunched up closely enough; known as Chain Lightning in this role. (Formerly called Psycho Lightning.)

Electroconvulsive Therapy: Full-body Electro Gauntlet discharge. Useful for breaking grappling holds.

Combo: The Stark Fist of Removal: High-speed multiple punch, finished with an Electro Gauntlet uppercut. Devastating but very demanding.

Combo: Murder on the Orient Express: Complicated triple punch/double kick/throw/final punch combination. Very potent, but circumstances rarely favor its use.

This fighter is one of two World Warriors scheduled to compete in the Kokuryűkai Kumite tournament, Nov. 25-27, in Hong Kong.

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