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3. "where this originally came from"
In response to message #0
   Early on in the development of the first episode arc, when Curtis LeMay's repeated intrusions at St-Ulrich started shaping up to be a running gag, we had the thought of drawing it out a little, with Ivan Ivanovich making an appearance each time (this can be seen in the LeMay scenes in Episodes 08 and 13), and LeMay getting more and more convinced that it's at the center of whatever hanky-panky he was sure the witches were up to.

This would have culminated in the scene above, but when in Episode 14 we needed a Liberion officer to introduce the XB-36, we realized that LeMay was the obvious, logical choice—and that once we started down that course, what we had planned for the end of that gag would be more than a bit too far over the top to work. So, with great regret, we scrapped it.

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