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Jul-16-14, 09:29 PM (EST)
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"CTCS Has a Subpage"
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-16-14 AT 09:30 PM (EDT)
I've finished the first version of a subpage for Challenging the Cold Silence under the main Legacy of Korra page. There's not much there yet, apart from the two promotional excerpts you've already seen, but the design gives you a flavor of what the cover looks like and the page's copy itself contains a brief quotation from Asami's preface to the book.

Future promotional clips (the next one maybe as soon as this weekend, if you're good and eat your vegetables), and possibly other pre-release materials, will appear there (and be mentioned here and flagged on What's New). And, of course, once the book is actually finished, that's where it'll be released.

(As an aside, the page will look best if you have the font "Futura Bk" on your system, but it's not required.)

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