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Dec-15-16, 09:31 AM (EST)
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"2016.12.15: Priorities"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-08-17 AT 08:14 PM (EST)
picturing the original K-On! crew trying to do a 4-player heist in GTAO; I have a feel for the roles they would play.

Mugi would be the one taking forever to pick out which mask to wear, waiting for just the right getaway car to steal, modding it up at Los Santos Customs even though they aren't going to keep it after the mission, and so on.

Ritsu would be the reckless one who uses sticky bombs way more than she really ought to, particularly on cop cars.

Mio would be the one who actually pays attention to the briefing and the in-mission voiceover telling them what they're supposed to be doing, and gets really annoyed at the others for improvising everything.

And Yui would be the one who goes, "OK so the bank is right--hey I wonder if you can kick over these trash cans? You CAN! HEY GUYS YOU CAN KICK OVER THE TRASH CANS"

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