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Terminus Est
Member since Nov-5-04
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Jan-22-18, 08:17 AM (EDT)
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"Update on dad (cancer, impending death)"
   We've taken dad back to the hospital. He's in ICU. There's another hole in his left lung, which is causing his blood ox levels to plummet in spite of him breathing fairly well.

This is secondary to a resurgence of cancer. Over the course of the month and a half he was home, a tumor formed and grew on his neck - on the site of the one he had removed last time - to roughly the size and shape of a lumpy, slightly squashed banana. We're waiting on the results of the biopsy (we should hear something today), but at least one doctor is telling us this is a different, much worse type than before - and that it's been there all along, which makes no sense to me since he's been being treated for cancer for years now.

This doctor has given him anywhere from a day to two weeks to live. There is a slim hope that it's the same type as before, in which case the prognosis is more lenient... but they're still pretty much telling us he won't make it through this one.

I wanted to thank any and everyone who has sent prayers, well-wishes, or donations once again. There is literally no way we can ever hope to repay any of it. Going forward, I don't even know if we're going to be able to afford our regular bills (to say nothing of the final expenses that I am trying so very hard not to think of). From the bottom of my - our - hearts, thank you.

--The Logan family

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