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Subject: "2017.08.22: beyond Thunderdome"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Aug-22-17, 01:47 PM (EST)
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"2017.08.22: beyond Thunderdome"

what other road trip songs will be there? I actually can see all of them singing along with "Born To Be Wild" and laughing like mad

there may be a Great Many, it depends on how the wind blows

whole thing could be a straight-up road musical

"We started singing Depeche Mode around Arizona, and that somehow segued into singing Hamilton when we got into LA."

EXT. DAY. Edwards Dry Lake, California. A SEMI TANKER drives hell-for-leather across the desert, pursued by a swarm of motorcycles, sand rails, pickups, and one wildly out-of-place FedEx truck. They're all heavily modified in various deeply ghetto ways and manned by BAD-LOOKING DUDES and DUDINES. On top of the tank, GUMI and RIN have set up a number of very large amps and are playing "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper at a volume that can probably be heard fairly clearly in Bakersfield.

INT. CAB OF TRUCK. ABHI GUPTA is bent over the steering wheel, which is almost bigger than she is, clearly only in control of the truck in the most nominal possible sense. On the middle of the dash, the hologram of TETO is playing the keyboard part of the song. The windshield is smashed and mostly missing, but Abhi has goggles on, so she can at least sort of see where she's going, not that it would make any practical difference if she couldn't just now.

Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!

I suppose it all depends on what music is playing on the radio at the time...

.. or, you know, that.

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