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Jun-10-14, 01:51 PM (EDT)
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"Completed the current BC:TIA"
   Well, as my adventures into re-reading EPU's body of work, I just completed TIA. And "What Goes Around... " will it ever come around? Is the only question I have.

With the advent of the Iron Man movies, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Iron Man Rise of Technovore and a few other things, this arc is still pretty cool.

What I found interesting with TIA is HOW well it integrated into BCU. Which is a feat, but something I have come to expect from EPU.
But it also does a good job of swapping Ben Stark for Tony and in a way that gives it some gravity w/o being over the top.
It reminds me of Knight Rider 2010 and the PRISM of the female lead. Which is probably the best and only cool piece to pull from that movie (regardless if that is where Tony's ROM was inspired from).

As I need to keep say, thank you to all of EPU and Gryph!


"When you have eliminated the
impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the
truth." - Sherlock Holmes

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