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Jan-03-15, 05:56 PM (EST)
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"TLOK-B5 : A New Galactic Age"
   (didn't want to post under the Teaser thread)

This was fun, seeing the same event from quite a different angle. Glad you didn't make the reader wait for it to happen.

I know Korra knows Belldandy, but I wonder how long (if ever) it took for Korra to find out it was Belldandy she was communing with that day? (and given the description, was Yangchen communing with Urd?)

Nice job making things fit within the timeline. Although I hadn't realized Maki and Corwin were that close in age - I'd thought it was more like a 2-3 year age difference. Maki must also be the youngest commander of the Kiyoshi Warriors in history too. (unless that's her rank and not her job title, but it could still apply even then)

I did not realize things about Diqiu and Zipang were that open. I'd gotten the impression Diqiu's existance was secret (codes and signals needed to buy train tickets to cross the Veil, trains with changeable signage, diversionary turn-around loops, etc). Yet here are all these government and military people (with various staff) going back and forth across the Veil for meetings and the like. Wouldn't someone notice that they were gone for that long during each visit? (2 days each way by train?) People do talk. And everyone on the Zipang side seemed to know who and what Korra was, even console operators in space control.

Speaking of which, I did like how they were able to figure out (almost) what was going on. But for people who were intentionally lower tech, how did the Zipangi end up with scan systems that were more than the outsiders were counting on them to have (badly worded, I'm referring to the Queen's report and how they knew it was a lie because the crew of the Queen wasn't counting on them to have been able to scan the area)

I like this story.


Jeanne Hedge
1st Courier of the Heavenly Prophets for Tianxia
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