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Dec-25-17, 03:00 PM (EDT)
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5. "RE: OWaW: The Fall of Petrograd"
In response to message #4
   >Oh, interesting. I admit that my first mental referent for 'German
>World War II Chocolate, Military Issue' is
>Panzerschokolade, which would be very different.
>I hadn't been aware of SchKK.

Heh, no, not speed. You can always tell the witch who's taking speed, because she starts tearing down her Striker for a full overhaul at 2 in the morning, despite not actually knowing how to overhaul a Striker.

I've had Scho-Ka-Kola; I think it tastes pretty foul, since the "Ka" stands for Kaffee. I know a lot of people think coffee and chocolate are flavors that go very well together, but I'm... not on that bus. Indeed, I have yet to find any positive qualities to the flavor of coffee (or its odor, which makes donut shops a unique mixture of pleasure and pain).

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