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Sep-09-14, 02:05 AM (EDT)
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5. "RE: Process Pitfalls"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON Sep-09-14 AT 02:05 AM (EDT)
>>Some days you're the Louisville slugger, baby. Sometimes you're the ball.
>>Some days it all come together now, some days it don't come at all.
>My life it makes perfect sense
>Lust and food and violence
>Sex and money, my major kicks
>Get me in a fight, I like the dirty tricks
>'Cause if you wanna run cool
>If you wanna run cool
>Yes if you wanna run cool
>Now you got to run
>On heavy, heavy fuel

Elder Days Story Time:

Aeons ago, I was a) 16 and b) hanging out in the IRC channel for one of the alt.fan newsgroups<1>, and people started quoting various song lyrics<2>. Like you do. Heavy Fuel popped onto the stereo, and I'm like "hell yeah, this song is awesome, I should share it with the class!"

So, I'm typing away, and in the middle of it, an older guy (looking back, he was probably younger than I am now, but..) who had a problem with the "kids" in the channel being annoying joins right as I get to the part "I had sixteen hamburgers, scotch all night, nicotine for breakfast just to put me right". So he gets a danish and then kickbans me /m "Lying little twat".

I couldn't decide if I wanted to like, throw a ragefest and do, I dunno, something nasty to him <3> or just slow clap at how dumb he was. One of my eternal regrets is that I never got logs for what happened right after that. :)

-Pasha (Who's .sig has been very relevant over the last couple of months)
"Don't change the subject"
"Too slow, already did."

<1> Because I was one of the COOL kids when I was 16, lemme tell you.
<2> Because why be on topic in any IRC channel devoted to a thing?
<3> Being as he was, iirc, in Glasgow, this was probably a non-starter

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