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4. "RE: DS/OOTR Art: Korra at Work"
In response to message #3
   >"Wait a second... did we put Tab A into Slot B again?"

This just unpacked a whole little skit in my head of Korra and Corwin (possibly a bit lit after watching the Ba Sing Se University Beaverines trounce the Republic University Pangolions 16-6 in the annual Beifong Bowl game) trying, with limited success, to assemble some preposterously complicated* piece of IKEA furniture.

"Come on, you're a Norseman and a mechanical genius, how can you not know how to do this?"

"I must've been out sick the day Mr. du Bois covered non-Euclidean panel geometry. Iä! Iä! IKEA fhtagn."

* but I repeat myself
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