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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #122
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Feb-23-21, 09:41 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: A Scene from GG3/III"
In response to message #3
   An early bird beating this night owl to the play by play. Not sure what compelled you to be awake and coherent at such an inhumane hour, but you have my condolences.

>Now I want this hypothetical vampire lady to exist somewhere in the
>multiverse. She sounds fun.

She sounds a bit like a central casting Fem!Vamp really. But then both 'Countess' and 'Scarlet' are fairly stock vampire trope names.

>"Pray I do not amend it further."

Remilia the Sith Lord (Lady? I know in SWTOR they make no gender distinction for such titles, I forget if they do in UF) would be terrifying.

>Did I miss the Kaiser legalizing gay marriage in one of the OWaWs? The
>only unconventional marriage I recall being mentioned is his own.

Not sure, the only thing I can note/find other than his unconventional, for aristocracy, marriage has to do with Neuroi-chan:

>>Then, addressing Yoshika specifically, he continued, "For the moment, only
>>Captain von Preußen and her crew have been made privy to the matter of her
>>existence. In that matter, I shall have to ask your forbearance a while
>>longer, Lt. Miyafuji; I have found I achieve my best results as a monarch if
>>I limit the reverberating shocks experienced by my people to no more than one
>>per week," he added with a dry little smile. "You may rest assured, however,
>>that the general situation will change very soon."

But revealing the re-emergence of, and confirmation of the disposition of, the friendly Neuroi is likely to be a general shock large enough to make something like letting same sex couples get legally married seem relatively pedestrian, though probably not without some comment and resistance from certain quarters.

>"My little sister once disemboweled a Neuroi with her bare hands
>because it was merely annoying her. Imagine what she can do
>when she's working to protect people."

Remilia is no doubt wise enough to leave out the parts about Flandre being somewhat insane at the time, eating said Neuroi's core, and very nearly becoming the kill crazy counterpart to Neuroi-chan.

"This Space For Rent."

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