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Conferences Annotations (Spoiler Warning!) Topic #13
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Dec-21-06, 05:56 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: Annotations: Arena"
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   LAST EDITED ON Dec-21-06 AT 06:02 PM (EST)
>>125 "Paul is dead" refers to the rather strange rumor that circulated in the late 1960s that Paul McCartney had died and the Beatles' record label wasn't letting it be announced for some improbably nefarious reason, leading the band to hide secret messages in their 1969 album Abbey Road to try and get the tru7h out.<<

Not just Abbey Road. As the rumor picked up speed, its adherents were finding "evidence" in just about everything that the Beatles had put out since 1966 (since that was when Paul was supposed to have died), including the album covers. One particularly silly "clue" claimed that the word "walrus" in "I Am the Walrus" was the Greek word for "corpse", meaning, of course, Paul, even though, of course, it means no such thing. Matters weren't helped any by the fact that the Fab Four, especially John, were fond of hiding little thingies in various cuts, especially as John got more avant-garde in the late '60's.

>>254 A cousin of the technology that makes a TARDIS bigger inside than out. Void locking is considered one of the key time/space technologies by the Time Lords; a civilization that has figured out void locking is considered at least vaguely advanced.<<

Thanks for the clarification. When I originally read that bit, I thought Skuld was talking about an updated, improved model of the doohickey she put together in one episode of the manga that, when activated, tossed Bell and Keiichi into the middle of a featureless plane dimension (or something like that) where they encountered the creature known as Schrodinger's Whale.


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