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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #19
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Mar-22-15, 09:32 AM (EDT)
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3. "RE: A Little Something"
In response to message #2
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-22-15 AT 09:39 AM (EDT)
Hell if I don't mind delays, Gryph; I think most of us here know that Stuff Happens (tm) and always will.

I always love it when Eyrie Productions can come up with interesting new twists on existing characters (fictional or non); the witch version of the renowned M. Cousteau was a nice treat to find this morning.

A question: back in New Tricks, Mio spent a month or so I think with UF-Gryphon on Ishiyama, but it was only the NEXT DAY when she returned to her own universe/timeline... if that's the case will UF-Gryphon been gone a long time or a short time in the UF-verse? NORMAL time conversions stump me as it is, never mind those brought on by dimensional travel.

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