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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #19
Reading Topic #19, reply 6
Peter Eng
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Mar-22-15, 11:58 AM (EDT)
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6. "RE: A Little Something"
In response to message #3
>A question: back in New Tricks, Mio spent a month or so I think
>with UF-Gryphon on Ishiyama, but it was only the NEXT DAY when she
>returned to her own universe/timeline... if that's the case will
>UF-Gryphon been gone a long time or a short time in the UF-verse?
>NORMAL time conversions stump me as it is, never mind those brought on
>by dimensional travel.

My guess: Mio was using Minna's tie as a guide, so it was drawing Mio back to a time as close as possible to when she took it. The fight against the Neuroi required Minna to make heavy use of magical energy, which made her an easier target to locate, thus the dramatic arrival time.

Peter Eng
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