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Sep-07-06, 11:18 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: pre-foreshadowing"
In response to message #0
   So they're being invaded by the Necron? =) (can you tell I'm on a Dawn of War kick right now?)

No, seriously, I've seen bits and pieces of this quoted before, but never the whole thing. Clearly, Day of Infamy was only the beginning--the weakness in civilization brought about by that civil war will be the starting point for something far more dangerous....and even more telling, something that makes civilization despair. There's a lot of threats at the periphery of civilization, outside the galaxy. The Pfhor, the Covenant, that Marvel robot that tried to kill Paige Guthrie et al., whoever has Kei prisoner. All, presumably under the secret direction of Surtur. Could the Experts and allies deal with one? Sure. Two? Probably. All of them at once?

Time to update those wills and insurance policies...

Or, hell, I could be seeing all this totally wrong. But I doubt it.

"They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, 'nice try'." --Lezard

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