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May-31-11, 09:42 PM (EDT)
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6. "RE: sotd, 2011.05.27"
In response to message #5
>>Like almost everyone who isn't from the immediate vicinity
>>of Bangor, Roger pronounces Bangor wrong. It's actually
>>BANG-gor. Like Bangalore, only without the "al". Please note that I
>>make no warranty as to how the locals pronounce the ones in Wales,
>>Washington state etc.
>...how the hell *else* would one pronounce that? BAN-gor?

Persons "from away" nearly always, as e.g. on the rare occasions when the city makes the national news, say "Banger", rhymes with "hanger", as in the British slang for a beat-up old car or a breakfast link sausage. (Indeed, that's how Roger Miller pronounces it in "King of the Road".) The only time I can think of that I've heard it pronounced right in the mass media was in the "Bad Medicine in Bangor" episode of City Confidential, which is perhaps unsurprising when you consider that it was narrated by the late Paul Winfield - rather a higher-than-average standard of narration.

Although, now that you mention it, BAN-gor (or even BAN-gaaw) used to be the way local people who wanted to sound folksy said it. There were a few Old-Timey Television Personalities in town (the late Eddie Driscoll at Channel 2 comes to mind) who said it that way when delivering the station's address for write-in contests and whatnot.

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